Creating Harmony in Cloud Operations and Database Management

About Us

The advancements in technology have opened the floodgates for endless volumes of data to flow into the system. With this tremendous amount of data pouring in from diverse sources and in multiple formats, it becomes a critical task for organizations to store, process and manage this data. Move to Continuous Delivery, realizing better throughput, resilient systems, and faster time to market. Our DevOps and Database Management Services help drive a culture of “Everything as Code”, creating harmony in cloud operations and Database Management

DevOps Services

  • 01 DevOps Solutions

    Software infrastructure, either cloud or local, needs monitoring, maintenance, support, and improvement with time. The Taapey labs DevOps engineers help in solving the issues on the resources optimization, reassigning the load, and adjusting the scale. They also help with project creation, configuration and support of secure environments, remote configuration, and security recommendations

  • Our DevOps team has significant expertise in designing and implementing Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Delivery (CD) for software development. Utilizing the best CI platforms (Jenkins/Hudson) and orchestration tools (Ansible, Chef, Puppet, etc.), allows us to improve the quality of software and provide a reduction in delivery time.

  • Taapey labs DevOps developers succeeded in the development of release management processes establishing contacts with all the teams involved providing highly efficient cooperationchannels among them. That includes the introduction of VCS, Project Management systems, Release and Delivery Planning Systems.

  • Our DevOps team will help to implement a proactive approach to support management. This minimizes downtime and improves the quality of customer service. It could be performed by infrastructure monitoring and predicting possible changes with the use of Zabbix, Nagios, Graphite, NewRelic, etc. Back-up is an absolute necessity as it allows effective and quick restoration of the infrastructure.

  • In addition, our DevOps team operates and sets up various third-party solutions such as Relational databases, NoSQL databases, Version Control Systems, artifact repositories, search platforms, message brokers, web and application servers, bug tracking and project management systems and many others.

  • Our DevOps team works out and implements different software build automation systems for such technological platforms as Java (Maven, Ant, Gradle, etc), .NET (NAnt, etc.),Mobile applications for iOS/Android, Node.js and others.


Database Management Services

We offer best-in-class DBA services across industries. Our team of experts possesses in-depth understanding of both – open and closed source databases, and helps you implement best-suited solutions post a thorough evaluation of your organizational requirements and business goals. In these times of data-driven businesses, we are well poised to address the new age datamanagement needs to leverage big data and analytics

Our offerings

DevOps Services


$199per month

  • Upto 30 Hours
  • Architect, Optimize, Migrate, CI/CD and Automation tasks.


$599per month

  • 100+ Hours
  • DevOps, Production Monitoring and Management or all.

Database Management


$149per month

  • Upto 20 Hours
  • Architecture Design, Administration & Monitoring


$499per month

  • 100+ Hours
  • Architecture Design to Database Upgradation and Migration, Backup & Recovery Management


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